ACT 2 Services provides PU&D and linehaul service for the west coast. Through our asset-based operations and solution oriented service, we are able to offer custom logistics for each customer. Providing this flexibility drives value to their supply chain.

Our current success has come organically over several decades. We began our company in 1985 when our two company founders purchased a location based at SFO. Within just a couple years our company became the premier road feeder services to the air cargo industry between DFW, LAX, SFO, PDX, SEA, YVR and SLC.
In 2006 the company transitioned to ACT2 Services, focused exclusively on the west coast. Operating offices in SFO and LAX, with agent services in PDX and SEA. Our mission was clear, and we were now able to provide the tailored transportation service we have become known for.

ACT 2's latest expansion was recently completed in the Summer of 2022. Jet Expedited Transport merged with ACT 2 Services Inc, expanding our team and resources to provide a better value to our customers. Jet Expedited expanded our asset-owned locations into Oregon and Washington, and infused personnel and management talent from Jet Expedited's four decades of experience.

Going forward we will continue our work to lead the industry with custom solutions for linehaul and PU&D on the west coast. Our focus on flexibility and tailored services will always be the strength of our company. We thank you for your support and continued business.